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The industry's game-changing shift from Highly Enriched Uranium (HEU) to Low Enriched Uranium (LEU) for Nuclear Medicine scans has begun. Driven by the DOE's Global Threat Reduction Initiative and the American Medical Isotopes Production Act, virtually all technetium-based radiopharmaceuticals will transition to LEU by the end of 2015 - all in a concerted global effort to make the world a safer place to live.

At PharmaLogic, we understand the potential risks and missed opportunities for a late or poorly planned response to the LEU initiative. We are proud to be the first nuclear pharmacy group in the US to offer an LEU solution to what experts describe as a potentially disruptive event impacting technetium availability and causing major cost pressures.

Rest assured. PharmaLogic has diligently pursued a strategy protecting our partners from the unseen consequences of the LEU initiative and it's available today. As an added benefit, we are assisting LEU adopters earn an extra $10 per study from CMS/Medicare for all hospital outpatient technetium doses.

Take the lead and capitalize on this important global initiative. PharmaLogic's comprehensive solution delivers compliant LEU technetium doses seamlessly to your Nuclear Medicine department. Embrace change with us and start earning new revenue dollars now!

LEU Myth Busters

Myth: The transition to LEU-based technetium is just a rumor and may never happen.

Fact: The transition to LEU-based technetium is already occurring and being produced. All reactors supplying medical isotopes used in technetium generators are making substantial investments to transition their proceses to LEU as part of the global directive to move away from High Enriched "Weapons Grade" Uranium. The only two companies producing technetium generators in the US have publicly announced operational strategies to be virtually transitioned to LEU by the end of 2015.

Myth: LEU sourced technetium is not equivalent to HEU sourced technetium.

Fact: LEU and HEU sourced technetium are equivalent in performance, with no difference in the quality of diagnostic imaging.

Myth: The transition to LEU will require daunting additional administrative processes to track doses for reimbursement.

Fact: No. Once separate billing codes are set up by hospitals for LEU technetium doses, PharmaLogic provides all the needed traceability. LEU-related prescriptions are individually tracked by lot codes to FDA-approved LEU certified generators by PharmaLogic.

Myth: There are unknown and alarming price increases due to the transition to LEU during the transition period through 2015.

Fact: True for customers of nuclear pharmacies that have not taken the lead on this issue but not for PharmaLogic customers. We have carefully executed our strategy to insulate customers from the anticipated LEU price spike and is the only radiopharmacy group able to provide LEU pricing clarity during and after the scheduled transition through 2015.