Nuclear Medicine Solutions

Nuclear Imaging Solutions

Low Dose Imaging

Through a partnership with UltraSPECT® and its suite of FDA-approved, proprietary Xpress.CardiacTM Wide-Beam Reconstruction technology, Pharmalogic's low dose program provides ultra-high quality MPI cardiac images using half the radiation dose using existing camera systems. Upgrades are also available to reduce SPECT acquisition times by 50% and to add these features to bone scans.

The major radiology associations have joined forces in an unprecedented Image WiselyTM campaign promoting reduced patient exposure to radiation in medical imaging procedures. Additionaly, the American Society of Nuclear Cardiology (ASNC) has set a goal to decrease MPI SPECT patient radiation exposure to <9 mSv per entire study in 50% of patients by 2014 - a goal which can only be achieved using low dose protocols. Evolving imaging technologies now allow SPECT systems to maintain high diagnostic quality imaging while reducing technetium dose protocols by upwards of 50%. Recognizing the importance of this initiative for enhancing patient safety and creating competitive differentiation for its customers, PharmaLogic is proud to be the first nuclear pharmacy group to provide a comprehensive, low dose solution embracing the patient-centric Image WiselyTM initiative and ASNC goals. All this without expensive investments in new imaging SPECT cameras with the only easy-to-install retrofit solution available in the market.

Pharmalogic's low dose solution integrates flawlessly on most existing NM systems without additional capital equipment expenditures, with the versatility to support a full range of nuclear cardiac imaging cameras.

Pharmalogic provides your radiology team with a turnkey solution helping them meet the next standards in low-dose patient radiation and positioning your organization as a leader in this critical and news-worthy industry initiative.