Nuclear Medicine Solutions

Sterile Compounding Solutions:
The PharmaLogic CSP Difference


Pain/Sedation is one of the most common outsourced compounding products - our line of PCA cassettes, syringes, and infusions are the perfect solution to any pain management need including:

• Morphine: PCA cassettes, Syringes, Infusions

• Fentanyl: PCA cassettes, Syringes and Infusions

• Dilaudid: PCA cassettes, Syringes

• Versed (midazolam) infusions

• Pain Pump

Pre Filled OR Syringes

Ready-To-Use (RTU) syringes/kits for operating room procedures avoid potential dispensing errors and eliminates issues related to multi-dose vial usage. Tamper Evident packaging. Products available include:

• Atropine • Midazolam • Vecuronium
• Bupivacaine • Morphine • Temper Evident packaging
• Ephedrine • Neostigmine • Succinylcholine
• Fentanyl • Rocuronium
• Ketamine • Lidocaine

Critical Care ICU/Surgery

RTU infusions and preparations help mitigate errors in time-critical ICU environments. Our suite of RTU preparations simplify dispensing practices for critically ill patients covering analgesics, antibiotics, electrolytes, and anticoagulants such as:

• Calcium Chloride • Potassium Chloride • Magnesium Sulfate
• Calcium Gluconate • Diltiazem • Ondansetron
• Heparin • Midazolam • Vasopressin
• Potassium Phosphate • Fentanyl • Phenyephrine
• Norepinephrine

Labor and Delivery

Solutions for the unique needs of mothers during all stages of childbirth.

• Pitocin(Oxytocin): Labor inducing/Placental delivery

• Magnesium sulfate: contraction inhibiting

• Pain/Epidural drugs: Bupivicaine, Ropivicaine, Combinations with Fentanyl