Nuclear Medicine Solutions

Sterile Compounding Solutions:
The PharmaLogic CSP Difference

Quality and Safety is Priority One

• Independently certified ISO 7 Clean Rooms, Class 5 Laminar Flow Hoods, material validation, and real-time environmental monitoring assures 100% sterility and stability of our compounded sterile preparations.

• Regulatory compliance as an FDA-registered Outsourcing Facility conforming to Section 503B of the Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act established by the 2013 Compounding Quality Act.

• Compliant with cGMP (current Good Manufacturing Practices) providing same process and quality control as FDA-Registered and Inspected drug manufacturers. DEA inspected.

Why PharmaLogic?

• Extended Beyond-Use-Dates: Extended CSP dating that exceeds limits imposed under USP 797 allows hospital pharmacies to not only reduce the expense of discarded expired pharmaceuticals but also lowers the associated costs of disposal and hazardous waste compliance.

• Next-day deliveries and expedited same-day emergency dispensing uses our own in-house fleet of professional drivers servicing area hospitals since 1997 – no reliance on 3rd party couriers. By eliminating the use of 3rd party couriers, we provide temperature and humidity control as well as damage protection of CSPs from our facility to your pharmacy.

• We maintain 100% security of CSPs from preparation to delivery.

• Our flexible service approach adapts to your operational needs, not the other way around. We offer personalized service providing our partners with exceptional service that fit individual needs such as custom ordering and flexible delivery schedules.

• Our CSP solutions free up pharmacy staff to focus on value-added, vital clinical services.

• Just-In-Time order processing reduces inventory investment and stock out situations for critical CSPs. Our local presence also facilitates Vendor Qualification and Monitoring programs – just a short drive to audit our conveniently located facility.

• CSOS - Controlled substance ordering system set to your hospital's products.